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About Membership

By joining NYSSPE, you automatically join the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and a local chapter.

Some of the Benefits of belonging to this organization include:

  • NYSSPE opens the door for Networking Opportunities
  • Promote PEs in a Positive Image
  • Guidance on Professional Issues
  • Contact with Legislative Bodies and Issues targeting engineering licensure, professional liability and tort reform
  • Professional recognition
  • Opportunity to be of Service
  • Continuing Education
  • Keep abreast of events that affect engineering practice
  • Assistance with transitioning & jobs
  • Leadership and Acknowlegement Opportunities
  • Three (3) levels of Membership: NSPE, NYSSPE & Local Chapter

Who is Eligible to Join?

  • Licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE)
  • An Engineering Intern (EI or EIT)
  • A graduate of an ABET-accredited engineering program
  • A student in an ABET-accredited engineering program

Any membership questions?

Membership Categories

Licensed Member:

A Licensed Member shall be defined as a person holding a valid license or certificate of registration as a professional engineer, issued under the laws of any state, territory, possession, or district of the United States, or a province, or territory of Canada; or the equivalent under the laws of any country, or a retired engineer who obtained and retained a valid license or certificate while in active practice in the profession until retirement.


A Member shall be defined as a person of high moral character who is:

  1. A certified engineer-in-training (Engineering Intern), or the equivalent under the laws of any country, or
  2. A graduate engineer – A graduate engineer is one who has graduated from an engineering curriculum accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET); or has graduated from an engineering curriculum which is accredited by ABET within six years after graduation; or has been awarded a graduate engineering degree from a college or university which has one or more undergraduate engineering curricula accredited by ABET. For a graduate of an engineering curriculum in a foreign country, the applicant shall possess educational background equivalent to that attained from an engineering curriculum accredited by ABET. A Member shall advance to the Licensed Member grade as soon as eligible by licensure.

Student Member:

A Student Member is a person defined as one who is enrolled in a ABET-accredited engineering program or an engineering or pre-engineering program that leads to engineering licensure. A full time graduate student in engineering may choose any grade for which eligible, including Student Member.

Sustaining Member:

A Sustaining Membership in the New York State Society of Professional Engineers shall be available to any Corporation (public, private, municipal or non-profit), Professional Corporation, firm or individual doing business in the State of New York and employing members of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers or Professional Engineers eligible for membership in the New York State Society of Professional Engineers. Such Sustaining Members shall not be known as Members, but rather as Sustaining Members, and shall not be privileged to vote or hold office in the Society.

Membership Dues

  • Professional Engineer (PE)- $299
  • Intern (EI or EIT) or graduate – $299
  • Student – Free
  • Graduate: 20% – 80% Reduction in dues within 5 years of graduation from an ABET accredited engineering program (see below for details)


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    NYSSPE Interest Groups:

    Interest Groups offer recognition and professional insight in your area of employment.

    • PE’s In Construction
    • PE’s In Private Practice
    • PE’s In Government
    • PE’s In Industry


    Education, Publications & Events

    • The New York Professional Engineer (NYPE) is the official publication of NYSSPE. The NYPE is published once per year now as our Annual Membership Directory/Journal. This journal provides New York engineers with the latest information on professional practice issues, legislative trends, continuing education opportunities, and NYSSPE issues. It is distributed to all members, government agencies, educational institutions, vendors, engineering firms, and other engineering organizations.
    • The Society’s E-Newsletter is published via email on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. It covers local, state and national Professional Engineers Society news, as well as updates on upcoming events, educational activities, legislative & regulatory activity and issues affecting Professional Engineers.
    • NYSSPE and its chapters to celebrate the importance of the engineering profession promote national Engineers Week. Since 1951, this event has served as a showcase for the many exciting contributions engineers have made to society.
    • NYSSPE Annual Convention & Expo gives professional engineers the opportunity to network with fellow professionals, earn valuable PDHs, and advance their careers.
    • NYSSPE Fall Professional Development Conference is focused on providing the continuing education that PEs need to keep their license current; including coursework that covers ethics and the law, as well as highly technical training.
    • The Foundation for Engineering Education, Inc. (FEE) assists organizations that support engineering education through activities such as scholarships, career guidance, and other methods of outreach.
    • The Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc. (PIE) is authorized by New York State to accredit coursework for continuing education, and supports those organizations that offer continuing education opportunities.